Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Isaac's birthday

Yesterday was Isaac's birthday. His boss and department director took him out to lunch. I sent him cookies and milk and a balloon through a company I found online. Anyways Isaac said he very much enjoyed the gift I sent him at work. During the day I was busy making homemade mole enchiladas and a cake for him. I've only done this enchiladas once and that was over a year ago. I forgot how time consuming it was to make this meal.
Well we invited a couple from our new ward to join us for dinner. By the time Isaac arrived we had like 15-20 minutes before they arrived. I was still straining the mole sauce and Isaac finished cleaning and setting the dining table.
The dinner was delicious, worth all the time and effort. The cake was not too good. I forgot to take out the whipping cream from the freezer, needless to say next year I will bake the cake first time in the morning. I had a great day with my wonderful husband, look forward to many more birthdays to celebrate with him.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


The Relief Society in my new ward are knitting scarfs, beanies, gloves for children in the hospital. We are planning in giving them sometime before Christmas. Well every Tuesday the sisters gather together at church to knit and chat. Two Tuesdays ago was my first time, I bought two needles and was anxious to learn. I sat by an older sister who has a lot of experience knitting. She started showing me how to do it, but to be honest I couldn't get my mind to follow. I think I was a bit overwhelmed of all the things I was learning. Needless to say I only did two lines, I had to ask her to check my work every few seconds, constantly asking her if I was doing it right. I felt like I was never going to get it.

Well last Tuesday I went again, this time I brought a notebook and pen, and wrote down some tips for me to remember. Well it went soooo much better, I hardly had to ask her for help, only when it came out. I don't know yet how to fix my mistakes. I didn't do a lot of mistakes, only like two. Well I made the goal that I will greatly advance in my scarf that week, or who knows have it completely done. Well the next day Wednesday I didn't have much time to work on it. So early Thursday morning I started working on it. I didn't get very far, two lines, when it happened. Somehow one of my loops came out, and I don't know how to put it back to place. I tried what I could, but it looked different. I didn't want to continue, fearing I would make it worse. So hence I am currently stuck till this Tuesday to ask for this Sisters help in getting me out of this jam. And I was so hopefully that I would get a big part of the scarf done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He loves to dance

So last Friday we went to a wedding; well there was music and dancing. At the beginning there wasn't much dancing, except from one toddler named Jacob. He was dancing and dancing, when people started dancing themselves he would look at their feet and try to do what they are doing. No joke, he was dancing basic cumbia.

Two days ago he was singing his own song, and he was dancing to his own song. He was saying the same word over and over again but in different tunes, he was saying "baila" which in English is dance.

I am happy that he loves to dance so much, hopefully he will learn some Bolivian dances when he is a bit older.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Move to Dallas

So we are finally in Dallas, it has been crazy this pass few weeks. On Tuesday (Aug 23) on the last week of Isaac's internship we found out that Isaac got the job at Southwest as an Autocad Specialist. Basically he is in charge of managing the drawings and making the process more efficient. Well as soon as he found out he searched for several hours for an apartment. Not sure how he found out about the apartment we got, but its a really nice apartment, we love it.

Well Isaac flew to SLC on Saturday August 27. We stayed in SLC till Tuesday Aug 30 to pack the things we had at my mom's house, also to go out on dinner to celebrate our anniversary, also we spent an evening with Isaac's family, celebrating one of his sisters' birthday. On Wed Aug 31 we headed to Rexburg to pack and clean our apartment. We left Rexburg on Tuesday Sept 6. So in less than a week we packed and clean, it was so stressful, but as you can Jacob was a big help. Well sort of.

Jacob followed his dad's example and was measuring everything he could.
Before loading the truck Jacob had a great time playing in the truck.
My husband has an amazing packing skills, somehow we brought all our things in a 16 foot truck.

Well on Wed Sept 7 we spend saying goodbye to family, the following day we left to Dallas, Isaac and I. We finally got to Dallas Friday night, we stayed with some friends that live nearby. On Saturday we checked in our apartment, members from our new ward came and helped. Later that evening my mother and Jacob flew into Dallas. I had a good trip with my husband, it was a time to reconnect with him and make goals for our new life.

We had made much progress in organizing our new apartment, but we still have at least another week before we are satisfied. I've really enjoyed our new place, new ward, new city. I hope to get to know more of the people here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Jacob ....

Ever since I have been in 4th grade I've kept a paper journal, and I still do. Right before Jacob was born I started a new separate journal just for Jacob. I always start out "Dear Jacob..." and end with "Love, Mom". The reason I have a journal for him is so he can know what kind of baby/child he was. I've asked my mom several times what kind of baby I was, what are some of the things I did when I was younger. And since she has never kept a journal she couldn't tell me much about my babyhood.

So that was my first reason to start a journal for him. I also have new reasons, through his journal I also express my testimony, my wishes for him, my love, and the new things I am learning by being his mom. I'm not quite sure when I will give him this journal, maybe when he graduates from high school, or maybe when he goes on a mission, or perhaps when he gets married. I plan on doing a personal journal for all my kids, its something I want to give to them. This is not a journal I plan to keep forever, one day I will pass it to Jacob. And later on he can share experiences of his life from his journal to his own children.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Time in Dallas

So Jacob and I we just got back to SLC yesterday from a two week trip to Dallas. Isaac was able to get a buddy pass for me from one of his wonderful co-workers (For those of you who don't know, interns get to fly for free, family is not included, if he were to work full time with them then we would be included as well).

And since Jacob is under two he is considered a lap child, and rode in our laps during the flights. I was worried how he would handle it, but he did extremely well. When flying to Dallas he didn't cry or throw a tanturm.

I really enjoyed my time in Dallas, there was no cable, and only wireless internet and well Isaac had to take his laptop to work cuz he is working on designing a model. I knew this beforehand so I brought two books in childrearing little kids, I finished the first and got half way done with the second. I really enjoyed reading and learning more parenting tools on how to discpline a toddler.

Besides reading a lot, we also had tons of fun. Because there wasn't much to do, Jacob and I we played a lot. That boy is so energetic, I always wonder where he gets that energy.
We also went to a bouncing center, where they have inflatable slides and such things. He wasn't really into the slide, but he really enjoyed the playground.
For Fourth of July, a family in the Denton ward invited us over for breakfast. Afterwards we went with them to the Denton parade. After the parade we went to an activity the interns in Southwest were having, basically it was hamburgers and swimming. We swam for soooo many hours, almost five hours. Jacob was having the time of his life. He has always loved the water, and that day was no exception. There was a bench on the side of the pool that was underwater. While Jacob is standing on it he is above water, but when sitting on the bench the water came right under his nose. Sometimes there would be little waves and he would get water in his nose or choke on the water. He would just laugh and would still continue sitting on the bench. He also would jump of the bench, into the deeper water. He is such a fearless boy, we had to keep our eyes glued on him.

One of the other interns used to teach swimming lessons to little kids, she was teaching Jacob how to kick and blow bubbles. He was kinda kicking, they weren't really strong kicks. He also was trying to blow bubbles, but he just ended in putting his mouth underwater. He did however finally figure out how to blow bubbles later that week in the bathtub. We didn't try to teach him again, or coax him. All of a sudden I look over and there he is blowing bubbles. I don't know when is the appropriate age to start taking kids to swimming lessons, but I will for sure take him next summer.

Well we were so tired from swimming all day that we didn't get to see the fireworks. Basically on our way home we ate dinner at a local restaurant, went home got showered, saw a movie and watched a soccer game, and went to sleep. We didn't even finished the game, we were just so exhausted.

My sister arrived on Wednesday from Dallas. She is an ER nurse in the hospital there, and she had like 5 days off in her schedule. Her schedule changes all the time, sometimes she works four days and gets three off. I know she works a lot, like 12 or 14 hr shifts.

Anyways it was Claudia that introduced me to Sephora awhile ago. And now it is my favorite makeup store. One of the things I like about Sephora is that I get to try on makeup without someone pressuring me to buy from them. Well she told me about the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and I saw it in the store about a month ago. Well I told Isaac about it, and we went to the mall and he got it for me!!! I love it! I love the colors, I love how well it blends. I don't think I will ever get any other eye shadow again. (It has 12 colors)

Well needless to say, we did a lot of things with my sister, it helped that she brought her car.
Well we left yesterday to go back to SLC, and during our lay over in Phoenix Jacob made friends with a girl that is probably five years old. I've noticed that Jacob really likes to hang out with kids that are older than him, especially girls!!! He is such a flirt!!!
On our way from El Paso to Phoenix, Jacob fell asleep with his George around his arms. Jacob was asleep the entire flight. We was so tired, we had to wake him up at 5 am.

I had a really good trip, hopefully that wasn't my last time going to Dallas.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Weekend

So Isaac came up to Rexburg this pass weekend to see us, also he had an appointment for immigration in Idaho Falls. Being apart from him has helped me to appreciate more my relationship with Isaac and how much I love him. Well on Saturday we had a great day, we went to the park....
One of the first things we did at the park was go on the carousal
Jacob loves being outdoors
On Sunday we took a walk in Smith Park
Monday we were feeding the ducks before Isaac left. However, every time we feed the ducks with Jacob he always eats the bread. (Bottom picture)